Wounded Prophecy

Session Log: 20141115: Arrival in Sharn

Five Young Warriors sent forth from their tribe and clan Ghaashk’kala. Are they merely seeking their own honor and destiny, or is there something more at stake? The [[talkative …]], the hunter and scout, Kills-in-the-Woods, the strong axe-bearer Nash, the archer, and the arcanist venture forth to confront their fates.

The council of elders arranged for the five to be sent to Sharn though their trading contacts in House Tharask. They journeyed from their sacred homeland in through the Shadow Marches to the defacto port capital Zarash’ak. From there, they took ship on a Tharask contracted transport to Sharn.

The trip had be too easy from up to there. No honor to be found in mere traveling. However, as they had been warned by the crew of the transport, when they passed through the reefs and prominences of Shargon’s Teeth they met with some minor resistance as small mob of sahaugin intercepted and boarded the the ship in the early darkness. The prowess of the Ghaashk’kala warriors what far from besmirched as they quickly and efficiently dispatched the scaly invaders.

On arriving at the Sharn docks, they asked around for a tavern and later as dusk fell, a place to stay the night. They were directed into the towers to stay at the Broken Anvil Inn since it was nicer than anything they could find near the docks. As they approached the inn, after being dropped off by a skycab., they saw an armored figure accosting a man on a bridge. They ran up to see if they could help prevent an evil, but they were too late. The metal man had already killed the man. As Nash grappled with it, he threw himself over the side of the bridge to escape. The mage then checked the body for signs of life, but he was no more. The mage did find and pocket a book and the man’s gold, though. None-to-soon, as a loud blustery group of City Watch stumble out of the Broken Anvil following the sound of the fallen mans cries. Though Jeff protested their innocence, the warriors looked far to menacing to override the Watch Sergeant’s suspicion. He arrested them to get their stories in the morning.

In the morning they were briefly interviewed by a man a man in dark clothing. He asked several questions about their arrival in Sharn and their intentions. They were then released. As they left the watch station, they were invited to Broken Anvil to get some answers about the man’s death. They also met up with the mage and archer. The archer had been spending the night overwatching the station waiting for the rest of his clansman to emerge. The mage had attempted to follow the murderer eventually reaching the ground far below the high bridge. However, there was no indication of the metal man’s presence.

At the Broken Anvil, the orcs were met by a noblewoman in blue who introduced herself as Elaydren. She asked them about the murder, and noted here interest in the matter. The man had apparently been working for her, and she was looking for a book that the man had been carrying that would hopefully lead her and her people to an artifact. The mage hid that he had the book and dissembled, agreeing to help find it, especially since she was offering a hefty sum for it.


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